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This is a web site of Savaric Whiting Ltd - website - Savaric.com

We believe that there is a specialised way of working, with what we call the ‘Inspiration of the Wisdom’, and that this method is potentially applicable, and helpful, to all manner of situations involving both individuals and communities in their personal and working lives.

It is the Wisdom - and its abiity to inspire 

that we explore in this site.

The Wisdom is known by many names, including the Perennial Philosophy and the Ageless Wisdom. It is the basis of most religions and spiritual paths. We hold that understanding and accessing this Wisdom is the key to living a happy, contented, meaningful and fulfilled life.

There is one underlying concept of the Wisdom - but it appears in many different guises – this multitude of different ways of expressing the same thing is due to each teacher writing or talking in terms appropriate to the time, place, language, beliefs and community in which it was expressed.

Understanding this Wisdom cannot be achieved as an intellectual learning process - this only leads to knowledge ABOUT the Wisdom.

A true KNOWING of the Wisdom can only be realised by experiencing it - and this can only be done by accessing it by following some form of spiritual practice.

The multiplicity of views can be confusing and 

it is up to each individual to find out what the Wisdom means for them 

In this site we give a personal, subjective understanding of this world of the spirit - and how to use it in everyday practice. Look at our note below on a suggestions on how to use this site

In our later pages on  Teaching and Teachers,  we look at how the Wisdom has been seen by various teachers. These ideas have been published in books and websites and again are the authors’ personal interpretation of the Wisdom.

There is an apparent difference between the views expressed - but wise and intuitive reading will reveal an underlying strong similarity.

This site is a brief outline of a complex subject, but hopefully it will lead anyone interested into making their own further enquiries and taking their own practical steps towards an ‘Inner Knowing – of the Wisdom



If the concept of spirituality is new to you, we suggest you start by looking at the page Spirituality – this will give you an outline of the concept.  Then have a look at the Site-Map  page and look down the pages on the site  

From there, let your intuition inspire you on the next move - then gradually work your way my through the pages that are of interest to you. If you want to explore these concepts further, then look at the books and websites listed on our Information page

Accessing the Wisdom is about letting your Intuition guide you !

Throughout this website, we give a note where pages have been written by a third party – otherwise all pages, sketches and diagrams have been originated by the author of the site.

 if you’re interested in sharing ideas with us then please contact us at:Savaric.w@gmail.com