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Our organisation  started with conventional organisations and in recent years has worked with charities and not-for-profit companies - many of them in Glastonbury, Somerset UK. This is a town with a long history of myths and legends, and in recent years, what might be called ‘an Alternative Community’ has arisen, specialising in offering services and products and appropriate to the unique atmosphere of the place.

Working with projects offering community services, in this alternative community, it has become obvious that some of the initiating individuals are working consciously with ideas and concepts that appear to be arising from the town at self. These ideas appear to come from a higher level of consciousness, which n this website we call the Wisdom.

There are methods by which it is possible to Access this Wisdom.

It has also transpired that individuals, accessing the Wisdom and being Inspired with a new concept, are often reluctant to define their inspiration in concrete business terms and hence have difficulty in raising the necessary material Resourcesrequired for their project to flourish in a sustainable fashion.

What has been needed has been a sort of ‘Interpretation Service’ – what we have come to call the Enabling Process.

The providers of this service first assess the inspired ideas for their credibility,  and,  if the ideas appear to be practical and a real help to the community,  then help is provided in order to present these ideas a fashion that providers of the necessary resources will understand and respond positively.

Initially we thought that this interpretive process was applicable only to Glastonbury - but in recent years we have seen that this appears to be a universal process.  

Inspired inventors and academics come up with ideas that are useful, but they are unable, or unwilling, to present these ideas in a credible fashion that can be understood and supported by conventional providers if resources. Some form of interpretive service is needed so that these inspired ideas can be presented in the form that the providers of the necessary risk support services will understand.

This work has also led us to believe that conscious accessing of the ‘Universal Unconscious’ – that has inspired our clients, may help when finding solutions to apparently intractable practical problems.

And today there are no shortage of these practical problems, where shared solutions are yet to be found.  These include:

  • Addressing what needs to be done about climate change
  • The transitional problems, such as unemployment, that go with the changes needed.
  • All aspects of health.

We are working with concepts that are not universally accepted and we therefore ask people looking at the site. and interested in the concepts, to accept that these unusual ideas may have reality and so can be usefully applied to conventional problems.

This cannot be proved scientifically, but anyone using this process, in an appropriate fashion, will find that it works.

If you are new to the concept of spirituality then we suggest that you start with the page Spirituality -  look at our Site Map your intuition to guide you and want to look at next

The purpose of the site is to remind you what you already know about intuition

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