The All

There is one unified 'All' that is the source of everything in the Cosmos - both material and immaterial

The ALL is a Substantial Reality and transcends names and terms and in essence is unknowable.

There is nothing outside the ALL, else the ALL would not be the ALL. ]Anything finite, changeable, fleeting, and conditioned cannot be The All.

"The All is Infinite, for there is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit or restrict it

The All is Eternal - it has always continuously existed, for there is nothing else to have ever created it ... if it had ever 'not been,' even for a moment, it would not 'be' now.

This ‘All’ is all love, knowledge, truth, beauty, unity, harmony and compassion.  The entire universe is a part of this one Whole, which is held together by the dynamic of Love.  This All is a Mind that is pure Spirit and is unknowable, Indefinable and Incomprehensible to the material human mind - and is partially understandable through the material forms in which it appears.

The All, in its vastness, is not capable of being understood by an incarnate being.  It is unlimited and eternal, and any words used to describe it immediately destroy its numinous nature. But it can be conceived of as the nameless All.

The ALL is Mind itself. Everything in the universe is within the mind of The All.

Each of us is a part of the All and has a spark of the All within us

The All's mind is infinitely more powerful and vast than any incarnate individual can imagine. It is capable of recording the movement of every particle in the Universe,

The All revels in diversity as it wills new forms and into being.

 The All is a union between Nothing and All Possibility, the ultimate opposites, and the nature of that union is without beginning or end for these two opposites automatically and simultaneously create each other.

 Consciousness-The Mind of the All is in every aspect of the material universe and a form of consciousness is found everywhere. There is a form of consciousness in the smallest sub-particle of an atom, and in the molecules, elements and cells that form every structure and being.  The material world is linked through this sea of consciousness and every action taken by an individual component affects the whole universe

Creation - There is no reason for the All creating – it is simply the nature of the All to allow matter to emerge and evolve

The All is One but has three aspects

  • The One – the nameless underlying formless All – this manifests through two creative aspects –
  • Spiritual - the active, dynamic masculine aspect – ‘God the Father’
  • Material – the passive, feminine, embracing and supportive aspect -                                                                        “Mother Earth” and ‘Mother Nature’

The process starts by the passive aspect creating a sea of shimmering energy that fills the entire universe. This energy is a part of the All and the potential from which all is materialized.

Through the active aspect, the All inspires an idea that is sparked into the sea of energy and gives the impetus needed to start the active creation of the inspiring idea in material from using the potential energy available.

Every aspect of the created spiritual and material universe is a part of the All – and each entity within the universe has a spark of the All within it.