The Cosmic Journey

In Esoteric Philosophy there is a concept called Involution and Evolution, in Eastern philosophy sometimes referred to as the Inbreath and Outbreath of Brahma.

involution – The word involution comes from the Latin “involvere,” “in” meaning “in” and “volvere” meaning “to roll.” So, involution literally means “to roll into, to envelop, to surround.

This is the process whereby the newly emerged virgin spiritual soul starts to make a journey down through the Cosmic Planes until it reaches the lowest level of the lowest plane – the Material Plane. It finally reaches the lowest level of the material playing – that of the Mirro this is one lowest state of consciousness to be found in the material Cosmos.  

Having become involved in matter. It is the process of life involving itself in substance, clothing itself in a form, commonly called a body, and using that form as a means of expression. Involution is the process of Divine life involving itself in substance, or descending into matter, in order to express itself in matter, matter just being densified spirit.

Evolution - the word evolution comes from the Latin “evolvere,” “ex- “meaning “out” and “volvere” meaning “to roll.” So, evolution deals with the process of unrolling.

Evolution is when the Divine Life, having become involved with matter, and clothed itself in a body - adapts itself and uses the form to make it a perfect expression of the indwelling piritual life with the purpose of liberating itself from the environing form once it outgrows it.

It does this by gradually gathering experience, and developing its higher consciousness.   It starts on the lowest sub plane of the Material Plane – the Mineral – where only the fainted glimmer of consciousness exists.  Then it works its way up through the sub-planes until it reaches the level of the human and achieves  self-consciousness.  This is the start of working up through the Cosmic planes until eventually it returns to the source of its Divine Being.  This is a lengthy process,  taking immense periods of time,  and involving many reincarnations, in a variety of bodies, in order to achieve the necessary growth in consciousness.

In each life, the soul clothes itself into a form that meets the needs of that incarnation. This is the time, place, race, country, community. family and surroundings that will enable it to expresses itself with the goal of evolving spiritually. The indwelling life evolves through these experiences. As the life within grows and expands, the indwelling spiritual  life outgrows the form and that form disintegrates – what we call death – and the indwelling life, which has been imprisoned in the form, frees itself.

After a period of rest and appraisal of the last life, the process of designing a new life is started. With the help of wise beings, a new life is designed with the qualities needed to enable the next stage of learning to be achieved. In due course the next life starts and the process of working up through the planes of consciousness is continued.

The Process – This multi-levelled process cannot be grasped by rational thinking but requires the faculty of intuition – the spirit of divinity descends, and the indwelling life, going through experiences and growing through them, evolving through them, ascends.

The process of involution and evolution is the process of descension and ascension.

The process of evolution is a process of identification. At first, we identify with the physical body, then with our emotions, then with our mind, then with our personality, then with our Soul, then with our Monad or Divine Self, and ultimately, we re-identify with Source and oneness. This is the Cosmic Journey.  In the page on the Journey, we look at the stages of the journey in each separate incarnate life. -

This is a process of identification and dis-identification. Firstly, identifying with our lower self - then identifying with our higher self. – and with our divine self.

We are evolving our soul, our spark of divinity – by enriching it with infinite wisdom gained from the experience of being involved with matter - matter being only densified Spirit.

The Purpose - of life is to allow our Soul – our Divine Essence - to express itself in form. And the Soul within us lovingly pushes us on to express this essence in our daily life, whether consciously or not. That’s is a natural by-product of the process of evolution.

Sooner or later, in one life or another, there comes a moment where the truth of a higher plan or higher reality starts to dawn. The moment this happens, we consciously step onto the Spiritual path. We then consciously strive to express the essence of divine life in our daily life and awareness – and real growth starts

 The moment we consciously step onto our Spiritual path, and start working with it, we attain more growth in one lifetime than we did in the last,

There are no exceptions to this process. 

Every person is on a Spiritual path, whether they realize or not

 The only difference is the stage they have reached on their own personal cosmic path