In our page on Spirituality we say that

Everywhere there is consciousness and everywhere there is life, for there is no empty space or inanimate matter anywhere in the universe. 

A gulf exists between the consciousness of the Divine All and the awareness of a human being and a gradation of consciousness has developed between the one indescribable Divine and the ordinary human. This infinite ladder of consciousness – of different awareness and complexity - is occupied by intelligent entities from the most mundane to the most supreme.

 Certain advanced souls have developed to the point where they are able to act as intermediaries between the Divine All and individual incarnate souls. These spirits are recognised in many forms including the initiators of religions such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed – and other avatars, saints, masters and guides.

This range of beings at different stages of consciousness enables the incarnate human to find a guide at the level of awareness to which they are able to access

The concept of being able to access the divine guidance, available in the Wisdom, lies at the core of living an active, inspired spiritual life - in this section we explore this further

In this sectin we lok at the theme of guidance -and add to it in our draw down pages - 

  • Wisdom - that which we are accessing for Guidance
  • Access - a general approach to accessing the Wisdom
  • Method - an indidual, specific, personal  example of using Guidance 


The Wisdom states:

Through prayer and invocation individuals are able to access and communicate with the wisdom of advanced spirits in the higher levels of the spiritual plane.

 Let us look at aspects of thsi concept :

Dis - incarnate Guides

Guidance is always available at a level, and in a form, appropriate to the state of consciousness achieved by the individual. Disincarnate guides are found in a wide variety of apparent guises including Tibetan Masters, Chinese emperors, Native American Indians, Goddesses, Shamanic teachers and priests of every sort.

These guides exist in a non-material spiritual form incomprehensible to an incarnate being. They therefore appear in a guise recognizable to the one they are seeking to guide.  It is held that it takes considerable effort to generate such a shape.

Living Guides

A guru is a living personality who is held to be of great wisdom and sanctity and able to provide positive guidance to the devotee. The guidance comes whilst in the presence of the guru, but is not always in the form of spoken words.  In recent years, Eastern gurus such as Sai Baba, the Maharishi and Mother Meera have gained significant following in the West.

Ways of Accessing  the Wisdom

Channelling - Channelling is a method of hearing and recording the voice of what appears to be a third person.  This is recognised in books such as ‘Seth Speaks’. It is also a useful tool when used to access personal guidance. This requires the acceptance of valid guidance being available and the ability to ‘hear’ and record what comes through.

‘Hearing’ guidance- is an interesting process in itself.  This is not received as an aurally recorded sound coming through the ether. Rather awareness in the mind of words being spoken. The ability to accept the validity of these words as coming from a third party is the essence of channeling. The process is to sit in a quiet place, ask a specific question, and wait for the answer to start flowing.

A number of practical methods are used including:

Automatic writing – as with all methods of accessing the intuition, practice is needed. What seems to work best is to write the first word that comes into the mind, and then to continue with the flow that comes through. There may be a tendency to dismiss this as a figment of the imagination but faith is needed in the reality of the guidance being received.The secret is to keep the practical, logical, everyday mind out of the way during the session.

Verbal Channelling – For many people, this is a simpler and more effective way of working than automatic writing. In this case, a decision is made on how best to record the message. This could be with a voice recorder, later transcribed in writing. Now, with the availability of voice-recognition software, the simplest way is to dictate the whole session straight into a computer for printing printed later.

Intuitive Sparks  - Once the intuition is developed as a way of accessing guidance, the individual will begin to recognise the sparks and ideas, received throughout the day. Ideas flash into the consciousness and disappear again. Even without setting up any formal apparatus for accessing these thoughts, they, nonetheless, arrive of their own volition. These ideas are often valuable and should be kept in mind or recorded.  It is worth carrying a small notebook in which to note these sparks of intuition.

Synchronicity - A synchronous experience is a fortuitous but meaningful occurrence, i.e. meeting the person you want to see,feeling drawn to enter a particular bookshop and finding the perfect book waiting on a shelf. This is a way for the intuition to pass on information.  Accepting synchronous events as having a meaning encourages further similar communication.To help this process flow we need to accept that there are no accidents. Every event is significant, although it is not always easy to understand the meaning.

Dreams - For millennia the interpretation of dreams was accepted as useful. This appreciation gradually disappeared but depth psychologists have increased our awareness of the value of understanding dreams and a wide selection of books is available on the subject. Dreams are a way of accessing the unconscious and could be said to be closer to the intuition and the spiritual world than the conscious awakened mind. Only the individual dreamer is able to understand the real meaning of his dreams, but experienced professionals can help with the interpretation. An excellent practice is to make a point of recording dreams and endeavouring to interpret them. Recalling the dream in a notebook on waking is best, as dreams tend to disappear rapidly after waking up.

Keeping a Journal - An essential part of the process of hearing and accessing spiritual messages is to keep a journal.  A loose-leaf notebook is best as handwritten thoughts, automatic writing notes, transcribed notes of every sort and other significant experiences can all be included. One of the intriguing things about a spiritual journal is how the words, when first recorded, often appear to be banal and obvious.  Upon reading the journal again, in a week or so, it is then found that these notes have given an accurate forecast of how things would develop and contained words of extraordinary wisdom. We should not be surprised if these words appear to be wise, inspiring and constructive, as the whole object of the exercise of the journal has been to access the divine world of infinite beauty and truth.

 Learning how to access guidance is an individual business.

Each person has to explore and find the ways that work best for him.