The Spiritual Journey

This is an outline of the stages that an individual passes through in achieving spiritual growth in any one life

Birth – The child is born. They bring with them the latent skills and experience learned in earlier lives. They are born into a family of their choice, where they know that they will be able to learn that what is needed in this particular life.

Childhood - the child forgets the experience that it brought with it and starts to absorb the philosophy and teaching of its parents – in due course goes to a school of the parents choice and possibly a university or training, again largely of the parents of choice.

 Young adulthood - the young adult has grown up in the atmosphere of the parents and their community and frequently chooses a career that appears to be appropriate within the philosophy of the parents. The young adult is quite happy with this course and, if they are an enterprising soul, does their best to learn, grow, and develop skills and progress within the profession that has been chosen. In this way they are learning the practical skills that are appropriate to the particular time in which they have been born.

Awakening Adult - the maturing young adult may have a sense that there is more to life than the material practicality of the career they are in. There is a subtle moment of choice here where they can ignore the promptings of the soul and continue on a materialistic track – or they can respond to these inner promptings. If they do respond they will begin to actively research the teaching of mystics and the ways of the spirit.

Attuning - and as the research progresses the individual will need to go through the following stages:

  • Accept, or remember !, the concept that there is indeed a divine world.
  • Accept the concept that they are able to access this divine world by following certain practices.
  • Begin to follow the necessary practices and begin to be able to access what we might call divine wisdom.
  • Learn to listen to what comes through in the way of spiritual inspiration.

Honing latent skills - now that they are able to access the world of the spirit, they need to start to listen to what they are being called to do, or to be. An essential step here will be to remember their latent skills and to follow out whatever further training is needed to perfect these skills and make them useful. To be useful these skills need to be appropriate for the time in which the individual has been born – skills that worked well in ancient times may need to be adapted and modified to work in the present.

Decision - having reached this stage the individual will now be equipped with a number of skills. They will know how to work effectively in the world in a material and practical profession, and they will have perfected the very special latent psychic and spiritual skills that the brought with them when they were born, and which are unique to them. They now need to hold an awareness of just how they are equipped and make a conscious effort to ask the divine to inspire them with the understanding of what they are being called to do in order to use these skills in the most fruitful manner.

If they listen carefully they will receive a subtle prompting – this may seem something highly improbable but may well be exactly what is called for. Here come the time to make a very difficult decision - to follow the inspiration of the word of the spirit or to keep going in what the material world seems to think of as a practical and sensible course of action

 Following the spiritual path often means leaving the security of the material world and starting out into what seems like a highly risky new venture. This calls for courage, confidence and competence in the validity of the inspiration that is being received. It also needs the acceptance of what some might consider an improbable concept - that if one is following one’s true spiritual path then one’s material needs will be cared for. This needs the ability to accept that the new field of service does not necessarily have to be income generating - the necessary income will somehow arrive from a quite different source.

 Serving - if every step has been faithfully followed, then there will come a point at which the real field of service will become apparent.This is the area in which the latent skin skills learnt over many lives coupled with the specific skills learned in the present life are combined to the point where the individual is able to be a useful and fluent instrument for divine inspiration.

 This is not merely a simple single step. The inspiration will continue throughout the life of the individual as will also a steady increase in learning, experience and spiritual usefulness.

 Working with the divine in this field is not necessarily easy or simple but followed with commitment it brings joy, fulfillment and quiet contentment.

 Vigilance ! – Awareness and vigilance are needed on every stage of this journey. It is very easy to get stuck anywhere along the line. One can be satisfied with one's material career and go on to great things materially and deny the call of the soul. You can start out to hone the latent spiritual skills and become entranced with the psychic and spiritual wonders that develop. Care is needed to see that these are simply stages on the journey.

 And one can get stuck anywhere along the field of service feeling that what has been achieved is all that was necessary whilst in ignoring subtle promptings to move into a new field and to use the ever improving skills and talents in a new and more productive manner.