The Lucis Trust is a nonprofit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey, to act as a fiduciary trust for the publishing of twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy published under Alice Bailey's name, and to fund and administer activities concerned with the establishment of "right human relations".

These include the Arcane School, a school for esoteric training, World Goodwill, Triangles, a lending library, The Beacon magazine, as well as the publishing company.

The objectives of the Lucis Trust as stated in its charter are:

"To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, science and art;

to encourage every line of thought tending to the broadening of human sympathies and interests,

and the expansion of ethical religious and educational literature; to assist or to engage in activities for the relief of suffering and for human betterment;

and, in general, to further worthy efforts for humanitarian and educational ends."

The Lucis Trust's publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as the Lucifer Publishing Company. The Lucis Trust says that the name was probably chosen to honor Lucifer.

The name was changed in 1925 to the Lucis Publishing Company. In Latin lucem ferre means "to bear light" and lucis means of light. The company has headquarters in New York City, London, and Geneva. The Trust is established in Great Britain under the title "Lucis Trust Ltd.", in Switzerland as "Lucis Trust Association", and in the Netherlands as the "Lucis Trust Stichting".   The Lucis Trust runs a blog, "World Goodwill", which focuses on defining new Sustainable Development Goals for humanity.  


Two major ideas The Tibetan Master has stated that he was responsible to the Hierarchy for bringing two major ideas to the attention of humanity every where. These two are:  

1) the announcement of the existence of the new group of world servers as an effective group of workers intermediate between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy; and  

2) the statement in connection with the reappearance of the Christ and the immediate work of preparation.

D.K. comments that

"these constitute by far the most important aspects of the work which I have done in the service of the Hierarchy... All else is of secondary importance to those two statements of spiritual fact."

In connection with the function of the new group of world servers, we are told that "all disciples and initiates are at this time members of that group, which is the focal point of the present effort being made by the Hierarchy."