Here we outline the esoteric structure of the cosmic universe

We amplify this information in the following drawdown pages

 The ‘All’- There is one unified 'All' that is the source of everything in the Cosmos - both material and immaterial. This ‘All’ is all love, knowledge, truth, beauty, unity, harmony and compassion.  The entire universe is a part of this one Whole, which is held together by the dynamic of Love.  This All is a Mind that is pure Spirit and is unknowable, Indefinable and Incomprehensible to the material human mind - and is partially understandable through the material forms in which it appears. The All contains every aspect of the spiritual and material universe – but also each entity within the universe has a spark of the All within it.  The All revels in diversity as it wills new forms and levels of consciousness into being.

Cosmic Planes – There is a series of ‘planes of consciousness’ stretching between the ultimate pure spirit of the All and the lowest level of materiality. The word Planes is used to describe these different frequencies of spiritual energy.  The words ‘above’ and ‘below' are often used and imply the physical separation of items that in reality occupy the same space but at different energy levels. The spiritual world could be thought of as a different universe interpenetrating the physical world. There are as many descriptions of these planes as there are teachers ! -  as a broad generalisation would define them as follows:

  • The All – the One - the all-encompassing indescribable All
  • Divine builders – spiritual beings working on the materialisation of ideas flowing from the Will of the All
  • Spiritual – split into a range of levels of higher consciousness and inhabited by advanced beings
  • Higher Mind - the higher mind levels – able to access higher spiritual levels
  • Emotional level – sometimes called the astral plane - occupied by the thoughts and feelings of incarnate beings
  • Lower Mind – active constructive thoughts of incarnate beings
  • Physical – the physical material world

Consciousness-The Mind of the All is in every aspect of the material universe and a form of consciousness is found everywhere - in the smallest sub-particle of an atom, and in the molecules, elements and cells that form every structure and being.  The material world is linked through this sea of consciousness and every action taken by an individual component affects the whole universe. 

Hierarchies of Beings - A gulf exists between the consciousness of the Divine All and the awareness of a human being 0 a gradation of consciousness has developed between the one indescribable Divine and the ordinary human. This infinite ladder of consciousness – of different awareness and complexity - is occupied by intelligent entities from the most mundane to the most supreme. Certain advanced souls have developed to the point where they are able to act as intermediaries between the Divine All and individual incarnate souls. These spirits are recognised in many forms including the initiators of religions such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed – and other avatars, saints, masters and guides

Creation- The Mind of the All first manifests by:

Producing a subsidiary Being – the Monad - that has the task of bringing the Will of the All into material being.

The Monad then produces two further creative Beings - working together in harmony.

  • ‘The Father’ - the spirit – the masculine positive principle corresponding to the to material outgoing conscience mind and the active will.
  • ‘The Mother’ - the material – the feminine negative principle corresponding to receptive, unconscious, nurturing and actively creative – ‘mother Nature’. 
  • As in the Yin Yang diagram, each principle contains a spark of the other - the two halves together complete Wholeness

The Monad creates a sea of shimmering energy that fills the entire universe. This energy is a part of the All and the potential from which all is materialized. This is the Mother energy.

The Monad then and then inspires the spiritual Father energy to send an idea – the ‘Word’ into the sea of Mother energy – the idea begins to take a material form - the start of all that we see in the material Cosmos.

Cause and Effect – sometimes thought of as Karma - Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause. According to this principle, there is no such thing as Chance or Luck – everything is a direct result of something that happened earlier.

Energy - Different spiritual and material entities vibrate at different ‘frequencies’, many of which are not detectable by our senses. An analogy is the spectrum of electromagnetic energy, from visible light to radio waves.   Maybe one-day instruments will be developed, able to record the spiritual energies in this spectrum that are at present undetectable.

Unity in Diversity- From the idea of a universal conscious intelligence flows the concept of Unity in Diversity. In any one organism, there is the Diversity of the individual components but a Unity in the whole. The whole has an awareness of its individual components - the individual components have an understanding of their sub-components but may not necessarily understand the greater whole of which they are a part.

Correspondence- One of the most widely used principles of the Wisdom is:

  ‘As below, so above; as above, so below’

There is a direct correspondence between what is found in the Macrocosm - the universe and the Solar System - and the microcosm – the human body and the infinitely small. In every aspect of the spiritual and material universe is found a reflection of this principle. The structure of the atom bears some resemblance in its proportions to that of the solar system.

Polarity - Everything has poles, and everything has its pair of opposites. Think of light and dark, good and evil, happy and miserable, depressed and exhilarated. These opposites are identical in concept – simply a spectrum stretching between two opposing poles.  Understanding that there are always two poles, always two extremes, and that there is a place of balance in the middle, is the secret of looking at all human situations whether they be political, social or personal - and living a balanced, calm and peaceful life

Vibration - Everything is in permanent motion and vibration. Nothing is still for a moment. Although All is Mind and consciousness, the different manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit arise from varying rates of vibration. The highest rate of vibration is the Universal Mind and the lowest is the coarsest material solid.

Rhythm - Everything material flows and has its tides. All things rise and fall. The only constant is a state of change following a rhythm of ebb and flow. This movement is seen in the tides of the ocean, the seasons, the breath and the cycle of birth, maturity and death.  An understanding of this ‘Breathing of Energy’ is helpful when understanding facets of the material world such as periods of economic growth and recession.

Duality- Everywhere in the material world we see duality. Masculine and feminine, positive nucleus and negative electrons, anode and cathode, Yin and Yang.  Duality is manifest in everything and these two principles are ever at work in all acts of creation, physical, mental or spiritual – in all actions of generation, regeneration and creation. We see this in the two originating energies created by the Monad