In our Page on Guidance, we say:

A spark of the Divine is within each individual – this is the eternal Spirit, the vehicle by which the individual is able to access the Divine. By raising their level of consciousness, the individual is able to access ever-higher levels of the Wisdom. The spiritual world contains a range of entities, with levels of consciousness extending from the most mundane to the most spiritual, many of whom are committed to helping individuals on their journey

This is all very well – but it doesn’t show us how to set about this process. In this section we look at methods that may be adapted to access this higher Wisdom. Ee do this by looking at the appropriate steps to be taken.


To carry out this process, certain initial steps are needed

Importance - the first thing to be said is that this accessing of Guidance lies at the heart of living an inspired spiritual life. This is perhaps the central and most important element of enabling a fruitful and productive life to be lived. Once this ability has been mastered. There is a flow of inspiring Wisdom in every aspect of life - and on-going support and help in times of trouble and difficulty. It is the source of inner peace, tranquillity, fulfilment and contentment and its value cannot be over emphasised.

Personal – the next important statement is that this message is essentially personal. Each has to devise their own method for working with the Wisdom. Here we will give you some ideas - but these are only to get you started.

The method you decide to use must be one that has been developed by you
and be a process in which you are fluent and have complete confidence

No one can do this for you

Living a Spiritual Life – for any method of accessing the Wisdom to work, the initiator must be living a spiritual life, as we describe it in the appropriate section. This does not mean living like a monk or nun - but it does mean living with understanding and respect for the spiritual life.

Meditation - part of living and spiritual life is using a regular spiritual practice - meditation is one of these. It is the ability to sit quietly, relax the body, still the mind and concentrate upon a mantra - an inner thought or word then continue to concentrate on this mantra that it dominates the consciousness, and the outside world is excluded. Part of meditation is developing the skill to hear the still small voice of higher levels of consciousness.

Creative Visualisation - is the mental process of consciously generating visual mental images, with eyes open or closed, and using this process to vividly visualise a place or objective to be achieved. An example might be visualising sitting by the edge of the sea - seeing and hearing the waves - smelling the sea - perhaps seeing a ship in the distance and the headlands surrounding the bay – watching the seagulls and feeling the sun upon your face - being wholly present.
Who to contact ? – It can be helpful to have a particular contact in mind. If the initiator has been doing their best to live a spiritual life, they will have become aware of a presence that appears to be guiding their life. There is an esoteric saying:

‘When the pupil is ready, the Master appears’

The concept is that the guide will find the one to be guided, if and when they are ready to receive this guidance. When the time is right, the guide will make contact in one of a number of different ways. It may be through a book, a lecture, a lecture, wise words from a friend, or intuitive ideas whilst meditating, Whatever the method, the appropriate spiritual entity will make contact.

How to meet your guide– if you are going to decide upon a specific guide, then you need to have agreed how they will appear to you. They are an immaterial being of pure consciousness to which you would find it hard to relate. it is helpful to agree how they will appear to you – you might know them as a monk, an Indian or Chinese princess – whatever is easiest for you to visualise. This needs a degree of effort on their part but is an important step in building up a relationship with you. When you have decided, it may be helpful to have a drawing of your guide, in this for, in front of you when you are contacting them.

Where to meet – it is it helpful to decide where you are going to meet. This is not a problem for your guide - but for you it is necessary to have taken certain steps. Your guidance will be available on higher levels of consciousness – see our page on Planes. It is helpful to visualise meeting your guide on Level Three – the Mental Plane – the first level of pure spirit – and above the whirring chaos of the Second, emotional, psychic, Astral Plane. The third level is one that you will be able to achieve, by moving up through the planes, and which your guide will achieve by moving down where appropriate

What to ask – It helpful to know what you want to ask – not essential - but gives a form to the process.

Changing Guidance - your guide may change as you grow in your own consciousness and as you are inspired to carry out new projects. A stage may be completed, and a different teacher may be appropriate. Throughout this process, the need to be open-minded, to listen, and use discrimination.

Reality - we need to repeat that we are creating a ‘device’, through using guided visualisation. to enable us to meet a being that dwells in a different dimension of consciousness. In the example below we have created a clear and positive visual structure – but it does not necessarily represent any reality anywhere. This is a useful device – but again it is up to each individual to create their own apparatus for meeting their guide – and there are many possibilities.


Having accepted the above, we are able to look at one example of meeting a guide,

Raise level of Consciousness – Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed - adopt a relaxed and comfortable position and take whatever steps you usually take to start meditation. Then devise a method of reaching Cosmic Plane level Three. One way is to visualise a tube of light stretching up above your head and reaching level three – move up through the tube counting – you are here at level two – there is a doorway here to the Astral Plane, that you do not enter, but continue moving upwards counting – you have arrived at level three. It may be be helpful to visualise this as a small closed structure with a door

Golden City – Open the door of your arrival place and step out into what appears to be  a 'Golden City' - it is a place of shining light surrounded by buildings with a large square Golden Temple on one side. it’s up to you to decide what the place looks like. Somewhere in this city is a private place where are you are able to go and meditate. Take a few moments to study the place, what is going on ?, are there other people ? how are they dressed ? how are you dressed ?. Use this time to feel at home in this place

Temple – When you are ready, walk across the golden square towards the temple, and go up to the main door. You will find that it opens easily - inside is a place of strange light - it’s like a moonlight night - but you can see easily - other people are moving about but they’re not clearly defined - around this space are many doors – this is the ‘Hall of Many Doors’. Some of these doors are personally yours and lead to sources of guidance related to specific projects.

Choose Door – Now select the door that will lead you to where your guide is to be found - you will see that the door stands out quite clearly from all the others.

Enter – Enter and close the door and ask your guide to meet you – you may not immediately see your guide, but you will be clearly shown where you are to go - you may find yourself in a garden or a building and will find a seat upon which you asked to sit. Contemplate your surroundings and sit quietly - at some stage your guide will join you and you will be able to sit in their aura and hear what they have to say to you at this stage. On future visits, as you become more familiar, they may take you into their temple or ashram - and possibly take you up steps to higher levels of consciousness. Just depends on you and your personal guide. When the time is right, you will know it’s time to leave and say goodbye to you guide.

Return home – walk out the way you came until you find the door to the Hall of Many Doors. Go through the door into the hall - walk across the hall to the main entrance - go through the main entrance - walk across the Golden Square until you come to your special entry place - go inside - take a few moments to compose yourself - then return to where you started by counting down from 9 to 1 - you are then back in your original room

Make a note – it’s worth noting any particular points that have occurred.