The mortal, incarnate human being, in any particular life, is in esoteric terms said to be a Personality. This is to differentiate the finite mortal being from the immortal part of the being that is named the Individuality. Personality has a spark of the ‘Divine’ within, but the body, emotions and lower mind are confined to the one personality of a particular life. In each life the immortal Individuality clothes itself with the body appropriate to the place and time of its incarnation.

The Personality is an imortal individual clothed in a mortal material body.

The Personality is mortal and has a finite life that will end with the death of the material body. But whilst active and alive.  there is much work to be done to the journey of spiritual Evolution towards the ultimate objective.

In the drawdown pages we look at aspects of the life of the Personality as follows

  • Living a Spiritual Life
  • Personality 'Bodies'– the esoteric ‘Planes’ of the human body
  • Journey – the evolving spiritual journey in any one life
  • Personal Journey – a specific personal example of such a journey
  • Practices – to help with developing spiritual awareness
  • Creating – using intuitive access to the Wisdom to create envisioned objectives
  • Health - using spiritual practices to maintain the health of the mortal body