So - what is Spirituality ?

The teaching of the Wisdom is found in many places - It is perhaps most clearly defined in Theosophy, Gnosticism and Hermetica - the understanding of these paths lies behind our personal concept of the Wisdom.

As a starting point, we need to understand that with most religions and spiritual paths, there is an Exoteric part of the teaching, which is that which is made available to most followers – and aninner Esoteric part of the teaching that is only made available to those who are capable of understanding it.

Whilst all the teaching is presented in a manner appropriate for the time and place, the inner Esoteric teaching stresses that access to divine Wisdom cannot be achieved by reading books or listening to others –

it can only be achieved by the personal experience of working with spiritual practices

And from this direct experience, developing an individual, subjective, method of understanding and accessing the Divine and working with the higher levels of consciousness that are available.

In this website, we are expressing a personal point of view and we ask readers to accept that there is at least a possibility of reality in what is being put forward. But it's not a proven fact - indeed what we are talking about is unprovable by intellectual or scientific methods – it can only be proved by direct personal experience.

If any reassurance is needed, this experience has been achieved by hundreds of individuals over thousands of years.

The Buddha said that we should not accept what we are told by another - 

‘Only accept my statements if they feel to be right in your heart

Spirituality can only be fully understood through practical personal experience

 It cannot be fully understood through the written or spoken word.  As this experience is gained, it is up to the individual to devise their own ways of accessing the various planes of being and the entities to be found on each of these planes. what is intellectually 'unknowable'.

Here we are giving one person’s concept of spirituality

But this is not necessarily appropriate to anyone else – each of us has to find our own way

Here we give a brief outline of our subject. which we expand in the appropriate pages, 

  • Cosmos – The esoteric view of the Universe
  • Individuality - the experiences of an evolving, reincarnating soul
  • Personality - the experiences of one individual incarnated life
  • Guidanceways of accessing the Wisdom available
  • Tests – problems experienced and their positive value

Each of the concepts we look at could be expanded into a book - and over the centuries, hundreds have been produced.  It is up to the individual to decide which of these ideas resonate with them - and to explore them in more detail through research in other books and websites.

Have a look at the Information section of this website for a few ideas



The Esoteric view of the Cosmos differs fundamentally from the contemporary view of Science. Esotericism sees the Cosmos as one coherent sea of spiritual energy that is embraced by one supreme centre of consciousness. This supreme All is unknowable and indescribable – it is a consciousness that has enabled a multitude of other centres of consciousness to emerge, who have inturn built the material universe as we know it.

This sea of consciousness contains many ‘Planes’ of different energy levels rising from the most basic material, rising through increasingly refined levels of consciousness until the supreme All is reached


An individual spark of the Divine All emerges as a human Soul – this becomes the permanent eternal part of a human being – this is the spiritual centre and the heart of its being. The initially emerging soul is pure spirit and has no cosmic awareness. It gains this awareness by a multitude of journeys of ‘Involution’, down through the planes of consciousness, into the material plane. Here the soul develops spiritual awareness and, through many incarnations, goes through the process of Evolution and moves back up through the planes until at last it realises full spiritual consciousness and oneness with the All.  


Each incarnate life leads to a new experience and enables gradual growth in consciousness. The Soul grows in awareness as it carries out both positive and negative actions.  Positive actions help the spirit to grow towards its ultimate objective. Negative actions have to be compensated for in the next life. Eventually, after many lives, a point is reached where the Soul has

Having a spark of the divine within, each Personality has the potential ability to understand and attune with all levels of spiritual consciousness throughout the Cosmos. In reality, this ability is limited by the level of consciousness that the individual Soul has achieved at a particular time.

In any one life, the soul has to remember, reawaken and further develop what it has learned about the various aspects of being incarnate - these include:


Using various spiritual practices, it is possible for the incarnate personality to attune with its own Higher Mind and use this vehicle to access higher levels of consciousness. Beings on these higher planes are in tune with the Wisdom and able to support and inspire the incarnate being


We are looking at a spiritual journey inspired by the Wisdom. On the way. many problems and difficulties will be experienced - these are sent as vital testing situations to help develop a growth in awareness.